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Brambletye Fruit Farm
Helen Acklam
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Spring Show Berlin
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Milnton Framing
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A Creative Enlightenment
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Maggie Savage
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Govanhill Baths
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Angie Turner
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Tonia Lu is a very talented and thoughtful designer. She designed my “Quests and Retreats” web site not only is it beautiful to look at but the functioning of the site and how thats relates to my business has been carefully considered. Tonia comes up with brilliant suggestions about how it could work, anticipating how a customers might respond to the site. Tonias background is design and events management and this really comes across in the level of insight and high quality design she creates. I often find technology challenging but Tonia is a fantastic teachers and worked closely with me to ensure I could update the site.I love my web site so much that when Tonai first showed it to me I cried because it captured the essence of what I was trying to do.

Jan Hogarth

I would highly recommend Tonia as a web designer, especially for those working in the creative sector. I was tremendously impressed by her approach: by helping me develop a concept that reflected my practice as a curator and arts educator; her attention to detail in ensuring the site was accessible; and in completing the site to a professional standard, elegant yet great usability. I have received many positive comments since the site’s launch in May 2012 and have seen an increase in work ever since. A fantastic job!

Kate Martin

After seeing previous examples of Tonia's web design I hired Tonia to create a new wordpress website for my glass business. She took the brief fully on board, understanding what I said I wanted to achieve and also cleverly understanding what I didn't want. She was extremely quick and with excellent clear communication skills as the project progressed, helping me understand the back workings of the website and to chose a service provider. The site looks great, works well and is fully updatable by me which fitted the brief exactly. I would highly recommend Tonia for all creative website needs.

Amanda Simmons